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DMC VIETNAM has a thorough exhibition management process in place, supported by an outstanding team – from sales to onsite execution, you can be sure DMC VIETNAM will provide your event with optimal services.

Sponsorship and exhibition sales:

Our sales team will start the process for your exhibition management with thorough research on potential sponsors. We will create a prospectus to guide us in optimising the sales of the exhibition space. DMC VIETNAM is a true innovator in sponsorship sales, with a proven track record of increasing revenue from sponsorship sales and bringing the right sponsors to your event. We analyse potential sponsor revenue and pricing, making your sponsors and exhibitors a full-fledged partner.

Planning and onsite operation:

We skillfully handle the logistics from the floor plan design down to the very last detail. DMC VIETNAM – managed exhibitions are led by a team of in-house professionals who know in depth their business. Your exhibitors are our clients, from marketing and selling exhibition space, booths and presentations, to build and tear down, shipping and storage, A/V and electrical – we guarantee a seamless exhibition for the duration of your event.

Our dedicated exhibition managers provide the following services:

  • Contact and contract service providers
  • Develop event floor plans
  • Handle all logistics from shipping to lodging
  • Realise a well-managed, profit-generating exhibition

All tasks throughout the cycle are managed and monitored online, including ordering exhibition space, ordering auxiliary services and viewing orders. Exhibitors can view and amend bookings online through our easy to use software.

The success of a congress depends on much more than what happens at the venue. Organisers are also expected to provide a full range of services, and accommodation is a vital element.

Hotel procurement:

We have a team of hotel accommodation consultants with wide-ranging expertise in identifying and handling the most suitable accommodation options for any conference. No matter the size, our accommodation management team has the knowledge about available venues and the skills needed to book and manage accommodation for conferences with up to five thousand delegates.

Easy online booking system:

In the current environment of online channels, people book their rooms through hotel booking-engines with real-time room rates. DMC VIETNAM has integrated an online booking system into its own online registration system. Therefore, the participants benefit from best available room rates, up to date hotel descriptions and can access the latest pictures of the hotels.

Accommodation sourcing:

  • Locating and negotiating the best rates for accommodation
  • Coordinating requirements and other details with hotels

Booking processing:

  • Setting up an online booking system
  • Coordinating and managing bookings and any changes (for both individual and group bookings)
  • Providing on-site support when required


Legal and financial:

  • Organising deposit payments to guarantee bookings
  • Setting up hotel accounts as required
  • Post-conference reporting and financial consolidation
  • Consulting to ensure compliance with local regulations/ pharmaceutical codes of practices, where applicable

Take the art of conferencing to the next level!

With a proven track record in increasing visibility, to significantly growing congress participation and increasing the client’s ROI, our marketing team effectively enhances the congress visibility and fundamentally builds and supports the congress, and client brands.

  • In-depth research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding & visual concept development
  • Congress website development
  • Database & Email Marketing
  • SEO & online advertising
  • Social media
  • Online / offline promotion

Embracing education – in full compliance!

At DMC VIETNAM, we are passionate about education. Through our in depth experience, together with CME/CPD Accreditation and Industry Compliance services, we’ll help you identify and develop the best content, comply with industry support, and take charge of implementation.

Online and onsite medical education:

  • eLearning Consultancy: By working closely with you to define your society or medical professional goals and needs, we aim to determine necessary strategies and measures using the most effective and engaging technologies.
  • Online Medical Education Portal: Through our combined expertise and resources, we can create educationally strong, and well-attended online learning portals that will contribute towards improved physician competencies and ultimately improved patient care.
  • Content Development: To be effective, each unique learning experience must have purposeful content in place and must be shared using the most appropriate tool or method of delivery. Based on the findings of a thorough needs analysis, our team will develop a high-level outline to ensure all topics are being covered and are organised in the best method to benefit the learner. Collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders, we develop scripts, or storyboards, to bring this outline to life, and to identify what technologies are needed.
  • Blended Learning Strategies: Each client presents different educational or professional development needs. Depending on the nature of the educational objectives and learner preferences, a blend of traditional, face to face learning, harnessed with remote, asynchronous learning may be the most powerful, accessible and cost-effective option. As experts in PCO and eLearning, as well as in blended learning strategies, we can help you to make the right decisions for your needs.

With each of our online management systems, we unite all event technical requirement and innovative design to generate best suit solutions that increase productivity and enable organizers to achieve fun, easy and efficiency in managing their conferences.